Love is a choice. Everyone who is pointing fingers, judging, blaming, etc. who knows better who feels the blood memories of our troops, our warriors, our families and our neighborhoods, anyone who understands that communities, our world are eco-systems. We all breathe the air, drink water, plant seeds in soil, in which we nourish ourselves or destroy ourselves, it is always a choice. We are here to unite under a country alive to justice, we repair damage inflicted by unloving choices and we work for more harmony and peace across our systems.

Documentary Looks to Build Bridges with Fierce Love and Deep Kindness!

I say this as I prepare for the work ahead, as my inspirations, including, Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. would do. I say to you’I love you, I would rather die than hate you.’ And to paraphrase and emalgamate love theory, everywhere, in every corner of our earth those who love love, who work in connection and collaboration and good policy and work to nourish each other, knowing, I don’t need more so someone has less, will be allowed more sway and grace and support, to blossom their gifts, to contribute to the whole that we may all grow stronger and more loving and with conviction create a world of love and passion and grace for all. I do this for my nephew and my neice emeritus and my friends children and their children because I care about myself and my work and the stories we tell together as we move into healing what needs healing and loving what needs loving and standing up and rising through the bs. So we raise up change and bolding work together, inspire each other, laugh and begin again when we get it wrong, all from a place of transformative inclusion, respect, integrity alive and available across our collective human heart. No one person has the answer, it is for all of us to remember our connection, across the eco-stystems, across our systems, across our planet, and unite in a field of possibility, where no one is turned away due to lack of any kind.

Black Heart Mels Love Land

Once again, as we reground our selves and all we encounter, as we transmit our stories, deeply human, deeply alive to miracles, where we are alleviating suffering not causing it, whoever we meet, whatever they say, we know the truth. “I SAY TO YOU —- I love you, I would rather die than hate you” — and I know with you we together, will create connections, build bridges of support and acknowledge as each of us sings our song, plays our note, shares our gifts, a great chang will occur by acting and standing and being a loving player thoughtout every system, shifting to a new perspecive aligned in love. This field of possibility we together create with kindness, knowing there is nothing that is not possible when we fiecely love. None of us has the answer, we have passed the point where one person is going to be able to save us, it is on each of us to do our part as part of the sacred heart, to heal the split. All of us have a gift and today and everyday we are going to share our gifts. It is going to take all of us. United. And working, and praying, and acting with love. All systems love.

Rainbow over Sea

We are here to believe in each other, to create connection, to be kinder, to work together, to build a world of love. Where are systems work for everyone. What would practicing kindness and love look like in the world!?

There are No Fingers to Point | We Either Re-order with Love or We Die Off

We asked the question of first and third graders. What if our thoughts were loving? and What Does Kindness Loop Like? and had them draw, paint, imagine, discuss. We curated them into a Kindness Club event ‘Creating Empathy Through Art’ at the ALL MOST GALLERY in Los Angeles. The results were surprising.

This is what connection to our collective heart looks like. Check out this fantastic video that tenderly and with compassion answers the question, and considers the possibilities there is another way.

Featured in the upcoming original docu-series Mels Love Land that bares witness to the true story of what happened when Melanie set out to love everyone. A great reminder, today, now, this moment, miracles are happening! Open your heart that is all apart of the collective human heart of oneness and let’s rock this! We expect a miracle!


Melanie Lutz Mels Love Land

Melanie Lutz is a writer, director, producer, entrepreneur, love activist and all around magnificent woman. She works in independent, studio and convergent media, most recently at FX Networks using her all systems love media disciplines and work proces to create and share stories that aim to heal our worlds.


Follow Melanie on Twitter @MobileMel and Instagram @CrazyLemonLove

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