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March 2008 Archives

From the Savannah News-Press: Sam Nunn for vice president? It sounds far-fetched. For one thing, the former U.S. senator from Georgia has said he’s not interested. For another, there is no indication that Barack Obama, apparently close to clinching the […]

Three years ago this week, my wife and I were counting down the days of her bedrest until she hit 36 weeks. We had been told that this was the gold standard for twin pregnancies. Thirty-six weeks was considered term, […]

He’s an athiest, despite the rumors. Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev made clear this past weekend that he is an atheist after European news agencies last week claimed that he had confirmed his Christian faith during a visit to the […]

Peggy Ornstein writes in the NYT Magazine about an underdiscussed side of Barack Obama and the unspoken reality of Interfaith America: The rising number of bi-racial, cross-cultural Americans. The term of choice: Hapa. Mixed-race marriages were illegal in at least […]

A blogger reports from the top of Jebel Musa in the Sinai. Found a spot and zipped ourselves up to get away from the cold. From inside the bag, we could hear the Nigerians singing. We could hear the Jewish […]

Ben Smith points to an article about sex and the Catholic Church by Charles O’Byrne, adviser to what the tabs in NYC are calling the “Stud Gov,” David Patterson. O’Byrne is a former litigator and a Jesuit priest who married […]

Pennsylvania is opening a long-shuttered prison synagogue to the public. The prison, now a tourist attraction, has not held prisoners in 35 years and the small synagogue had been largely neglected since then, seen only by a handful of historians, […]

Barbara Ehrenrich reports that one reason Hillary has remained silent on Obama’s Wright problem is that she’s got her own church issues just waiting to burst into the open. There’s a reason Hillary Clinton has remained relatively silent during the […]

In response to the YouTube clips of Jeremiah Wright, Barrack Obama has now published an essay on the Huffington Post. He begins with the inevitable “rejecting and denouncing” that has now becoming routine in this campaign for everyone except John […]

David Corn points the spotlight on John McCain’s newest spiritual adviser, who said America was founded to put a stop to Islam. Senator John McCain hailed as a spiritual adviser an Ohio megachurch pastor who has called upon Christians to […]