From the Savannah News-Press:

Sam Nunn for vice president?
It sounds far-fetched.
For one thing, the former U.S. senator from Georgia has said he’s not interested.
For another, there is no indication that Barack Obama, apparently close to clinching the Democratic presidential nomination, wants him on the ticket.
And Nunn hasn’t ruled out the possibility of going for the top spot as an independent. If he did, he has said, he wouldn’t do so until both major parties had chosen their nominees.
But, at least in the Peach State, the idea of Nunn in the Democrats’ veep slot won’t go away.
“Everywhere you turn, you hear it,” said Savannah businessman Ed Feiler, a longtime backer of Nunn who served 24 years in the Senate.
Recently, the idea has been floated nationally by columnists including Morton Kondracke and George Will.

The article goes on to point out that with Nunn’s foreign policy credientials and credibility in the South, Obama could strengthen his big weakness and bring many more states into play. Could an African-American tsumani and Nunn enthusiasm and nostalgia bring Georgia into play? Possibly, but it would still be hard. Clinton won the state in 1992 by 11,000 votes, but Kerry lost by 550,000.
The article ends:

Despite Feiler’s enthusiasm for Nunn, he conceded months ago that there’s a problem.
“He’s the kind of guy,” Feiler explained, “who doesn’t believe in vice of any kind.”
We’ll see about that – if and when it gets to that point.

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