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With this blog, I thee wed. I’m using this occasion to join my colleagues at Beliefnet in a new joint-blogging venture called Casting Stones. As anyone who’s checked out the effort knows, it can be very fast-moving, occasionally heated, but …Read More

FeilerFaster takes you where few other blogs, or at least few other blogs on Beliefnet, dare to go. Earlier this year, it was backstage at the Super Bowl. Now, the World Series! On Sunday night, following an all-night blow-out for …Read More

Dick Cheney’s comments over the weekend that Iran would face “serious consequences” for its nuclear actions — the same words he used in advance of the war in Iraq — faced a quick smackdown from the new chairman of the …Read More

I just returned from a family wedding in Boston, where my sister-in-law was married in a beautiful ceremony, feted in a gorgeous room filled with oranges, greens, and tropical flowers arranged in fall bouquets, and gave one of the more …Read More

This is the funnest thing I’ve seen on the Internet in quite some time. NYC has a new taxi logo that’s absolutely hideous. It’s here on the right: NYC is block letters, followed by a circular T in a different …Read More

Vanity Fair’s October issue contains its annual list of “the world’s most powerful people,” 100 of the bankers and media moguls, publishers and image makers who shape the lives of “billions.” A Jewish editor in Chicago has decided to count …Read More

Karen Armstrong recently sat down for an interview with Islamica Magazine and was asked about the perpetual threats that we’re in a “clash of civilizations.” Here was her answer. The divisions in our world are not the result of religion …Read More

As a supporter of interfaith relations, I find it easy to be dismayed by the constant drumbeat of needless, knee-jerk anti-Muslim rhetoric coming out of the political-media realm today. I’ve been looking at old films of Moses for my new …Read More

Good news-bad news today in the flurry of activity around a new initiative to promote Muslim-Christian dialogue. More than 130 Muslim scholars called on Thursday for peace and understanding between Islam and Christianity, saying “the very survival of the world …Read More

For the last few years I’ve had a stat I heard once over dinner rattling around my head. The stat was that only ten percent of Americans will ever set foot in a bookstore. It sounded just implausible enough to …Read More