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CNN decided at the last minute to postpone our interview until sometime next week, closer to the anniversary of her death, which of course came just a few weeks after the death of her friend Princess Diana. I’ve taken the …Read More

Time for a confession. Careful readers will notice a line in WHERE GOD WAS BORN about my anxiety about leaving my new wife and traveling to Iraq in the middle of the war to visit biblical sites and continue the …Read More

I’ve been invited to appear on CNN on Monday, sometime between 7 and 9 AM, to discuss the revelations about Mother Teresa contained in a new book, and outlined on the cover of TIME this week. The essence of the …Read More

I’m usually skeptical of any claims to have a “million man” march, or a “million moms,” or any such magic number. But a friend of mine seems to have some momentum for a “million voices” to speak up in favor …Read More

End of discussion? I’m over age 60, and was circumcised at birth and don’t remember a thing about it. However, i have been a practicing nudist most of my life – and i can tell you that there have been …Read More

Gives new meaning to the idea of resurrection. The Rev. Jerry Falwell had life insurance policies worth $34 million and the money has been used to erase the debt of Liberty University, the school he founded. The televangelist’s son, Liberty …Read More

I’m bumping up my post of a few weeks back, The End of Circumcision, because it’s generated a huge outpouring of thoughts, from men and women (lots of women commenting on circumcision and what it does to the appearance of …Read More

Circumcision rates nearly cut in half in the USA. I guess Prince William set off a trend. Should Jews follow? More and more are saying yes. While the United States is one of the few industrialized countries in which a …Read More

My older brother’s name is Andrew. My little sister’s name is Cari. My name, of course, is Bruce. Do a little figuring, and you can see that our names are alphabetical. It was accidental, having more to do with when …Read More

When I went to Iraq a few years ago for WHERE GOD WAS BORN, I drove from the Garden of Eden and Abraham’s birthplace in the extreme south of the country to Nimrod and Nineveh in the extreme north. Now, …Read More