I’m usually skeptical of any claims to have a “million man” march, or a “million moms,” or any such magic number. But a friend of mine seems to have some momentum for a “million voices” to speak up in favor of some progress on peace in the Middle East.

Frustrated with the ongoing instability in the region, the recent crisis in Gaza, and the lack of progress, the OneVoice Movement announced earlier this month that nearly 500,000 Palestinian and Israeli citizens have united to demand immediate, ongoing, uninterrupted negotiations, until a comprehensive two-state agreement is achieved. OneVoice has also committed to recruiting 1 million signatories to join the movement by October.

On October 18, 2007, Israeli and Palestinian citizens – together with international supporters – will mobilize to call for a two-state solution, and an end to the occupation and terror. OneVoice, a non-partisan, mainstream, nationalist movement working in Israel and Palestine for an end to the conflict, will organize separate, simultaneous public summits in Tel Aviv, Jericho, and Jerusalem, with international “Echo” events in London, Washington, DC, and Ottawa. The summits will be broadcast via satellite for the world to witness the international solidarity toward ending the conflict. Hundreds of thousands are expected to participate, and to add their signatures to the OneVoice mandate for a two-state solution.
“The people need to start leading the way, to create the conditions necessary for their elected representatives to fulfill the will of the moderate majority,” said OneVoice founder Daniel Lubetzky. “Excuses and disclaimers won’t get us anywhere. Each of us needs to ask: what can I do to help end the conflict? What am I willing to do to ensure negotiations do not stop until the heads of state achieve an agreement that can be presented to the people?”

Actually, I met Daniel through my wife, who’s a social entrepreneur, and I’ve seen the power close up of people who can organize and make a difference. For more information, click here or here.

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