End of discussion?

I’m over age 60, and was circumcised at birth and don’t remember a thing about it. However, i have been a practicing nudist most of my life – and i can tell you that there have been times i wished that i had the protection of the foreskin, from scratches, abrasions – and especially from sunburn! I don’t believe that the Hebrews who initiated circumcision ever thout about protection – possibly bec they never dreamed of going about daily business in the buff. BTW, how can some rabbis condemn tattooing as defacing the body that G-d has given us, and yet condone circumcision? (i don’t have any tattoos – i don’t even like them)

Again, the biggest revelation, so to speak, in this conversation has been the number of people who argue in favor of circumcision because of appearance. Seems like a dangerous path to go down to me — Plastic surgery makes you more pious? More beautiful for God? Follow this commandment and you’ll feel better naked?

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