A Fear of Whales
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If you read my blog, You’re probably familiar with the trendy Social Justice issues in the world today. Sex Trafficking, Creation Care, Multiethnic Reconciliation… I’ve written on most of them in passing, You may see a whole post on each […]

On Facebook I saw a status yesterday, after volunteering at vacation bible school that said something along the lines of "Why is it that once we turn 18 we have to stop learning about God by doing crafts and singing […]

Dear Friend Dear Person I Once Knew, I have to write you this letter, but I’m afraid I can’t address it, so you’ll probably never read it. You’ve just gotten engaged to the wrong man. This marriage will end in […]

"The bible does not say ‘Thou Shalt not kill’" say many christian leaders "It says ‘thou shalt not murder’" And those christian leaders are lying to you. (or at least they aren’t telling you the truth) It’s easy enough to […]