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The time is here. A series of oral arguments begins Monday at the Supreme Court on ObamaCare. As you know, the high court will conduct an unprecedented three days of oral arguments – Monday through Wednesday – focusing on the critical issues that are facing constitutional challenges.

It breaks down like this. On Monday, arguments focus on the Anti-Injunction Act issue. Tuesday, the individual mandate. And, Wednesday, the severability issue and the Medicaid issue will be addressed.

As you already know, we’ve been involved in challenging ObamaCare from the very start. In our amicus briefs filed at the high court, we represent more than 100 members of Congress and more than 150,000 Americans who understand that this government-run, pro-abortion health care law is not only wrong for the country, but unconstitutional as well. We also have a direct challenge of ObamaCare, a federal appeals court case now pending at the high court.

As you also know, we’re in federal court challenging the Obama Administration’s Department of Health and Human Services mandate, which forces Americans to violate their deeply held religious beliefs.

ObamaCare is front-and-center beginning Monday at the Supreme Court. We will have complete coverage of these historic arguments, providing detailed analysis. Our legal team will post updates daily to our website. While the arguments won’t be televised, the high court has agreed to release audio recordings of the arguments each day. We will cover these arguments extensively, using audio from the oral arguments, on our daily radio broadcast, Jay Sekulow Live!. Jordan will continue the coverage with the Jordan Sekulow Show.

At the same time, I will be on Fox News, Monday through Wednesday, to discuss the arguments each day with Megyn Kelly on America Live. That daily discussion is scheduled to air at 2:30pm eastern each day.

It promises to be not only a historic week, but one that will prove to be critical for the future of America.

Jay Sekulow


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