William will be 5 years old this Sunday, September 11.  We rejoice!

Here is a poem I wrote some time ago.  Happy Birthday, son.


William’s Storm…

Barely above a pound jettisoned into life

Peeking through gauze

Poked, prodded, stuck and skewered

Surrounded by white coats, bright lights, beeps and bottles hanging on poles.

Home sweet home

Motionless gazing at the world from the ground up.

Finally!  Slithering over carpet and cold tiled floors. 

Upright.  Leaning.  Scoot.  Scoot.  Scoot.  Smile.

Sun shining brightly overhead

Rays of God

Blessings from above

Days of drizzling.

Down pours. 


Drops dancing on his head

Rolling down his cheeks.

Is William crying?

Weathering his storm?


Daddy towering above. 

Daddy’s tears.

Tears from his heart

Tears from his soul

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