East Meets West

A Seed Is A Star A Star Is A Seed – Stevie Wonder   There is only one will- the Universal Will.  In order to make anything happen on this plane, one must align one’s self with the Universal Spirit.  ...Read More

Muhammad Ali exemplifies the heart of a champion.  Time and time again in his life he withstood seemingly insurmountable t challenges by relying upon his heart.  Ali once told a group of Harvard students not to  look for miracles from ...Read More

Son, one’s 18th birthday is a milestone in today’s western society. It marks the beginning of your official adulthood. As you have seen already in your brief life and will see more so as you continue forward, perspective and wisdom ...Read More

So….. On we go facing the challenge of life, It’s hard we know, watching your dreams fall through. When we laugh, when we play, oh it makes the brighter part of our day Just a smile, is all we need ...Read More