As seen in most world religions and religious treaties, spiritual concepts are often taught to us figuratively as opposed to literally. I believe one of the major differences between the Old and New Testament is that the Old Testament gave us literal rules to follow. It was explained to us exactly how God wanted many things done. While in the New Testament the majority of Jesus’ teachings were done in parables and through figurative symbols designed for further contemplation.

One of the symbols common in most religions – East and West, is that God is found in the light. One can look at the writings of the early Egyptians and their worship of the sun as the sustainer of life as a great example. In Christian paintings we see a halo of light around those prominent souls that are deemed holy. In fact one of the words we use to describe such people is “enlightened.” We all strive towards the light and away from the dark.

Yet, recent developments in science have shed light (no pun intended) on the fact that the majority of the universe is comprised of Dark Matter. According to top scientists, dark matter and dark energy encompass over 95% of the total content of the universe. We are now aware of the mystical yet majestic powers of dark energy, such as a black hole. I think the scariest thing about dark energy is that it is unknown.

There is a theory that all things fall into one of three categories: 1) The known; 2) The knowable ; and 3) The unknowable. It is only logical, as a thinking person, to be apprehensive about things that are beyond our comprehension. Thus the dark has always gotten a bad rap through history. As a child, I was very afraid of the dark. I could not see what was out there and that was not a very good feeling. Yet through maturity I began to relish the dark. I noticed, while star gazing that most of the Universe appeared to be dark. As my understanding of the essence of God expanded, so did my comfort in the dark. I now love being completely in the dark. I feel that I am one with God in such surroundings.
Don’t get me wrong, I still understand the practical uses of light. One of the beautiful things about living in California is that there are a lot of communities that are set in nature. When I am emptying the trash on a moonless night, I still bring a flashlight so I am not coyote or even worse mountain lion bait. But there is also something comforting about being surrounded by dark matter and energy knowing that God is the vivifying source of such energy.

So my friends, embrace dark matter, embrace dark energy. It is the new light. Hmm, I need to create a super hero that represents dark matter in a good light (oops, I meant way, old habits die hard).


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