So….. On we go facing the challenge of life,
It’s hard we know, watching your dreams fall through.
When we laugh, when we play, oh it makes the brighter part of our day
Just a smile, is all we need to send us on our way
So on we go, we must go on……
Davis Import 1981

My brothers and I wrote those lyrics almost 25 years ago. We did not write them because we were overwhelmed by life but because we looked forward to life’s challenges undauntedly. We knew that there would be times that would test our resolve. Times where loved ones passed away, where our dreams seemed beyond our reach, where we had physical, mental and spiritual challenges. We knew that as long as we stuck together we could surmount those challenges.

We knew that so long as we could laugh at our mistakes, foibles and mishaps and as long as we did not take our successes too seriously, we would be fine. You see, life is never static and rarely perfect. Even in those sublime perfect moments, when we have achieved our goals, we too often look ahead to the next challenge or our enjoyment of that moment is tinged by the fact that a relative, friend or neighbor is going through hard times. I don’t say this to depress you. Life is a wonderful gift. However, our focus should not be upon the end result but upon the process.
We are familiar with the Zen phrase that it is the journey and not the destination which runs counter to the Machiavellian “ends justifies the means” concept. When one does take time to enjoy the journey and do things the right way, we see that the results are far better than when we focus solely upon the end result.

Let us strive to enjoy this life and all of its experiences. They are designed to enrich our souls. Let us appreciate this gift called life and the gift of going through this experience with our loved ones for exactly what it is. The One who is known as God or the Spirit of the universe has given us a unique opportunity in this particular space and time. Don’t label these experiences as good or bad, happy or sad – they are just part of the Great Adventure that never stops…..On we go!!!!

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