It’s Father’s Day time in the U.S., a time for celebrating dads and fatherhood in general.

Probably another one of those holidays started by greeting card or food corporations – no matter – why not celebrate fathers?  We’re the great untold family stories!

Fathers are, indeed, part of the equation of families.  Without us, there are no babies!  Yes, mothers do most of the work, carrying the baby for 9 months, then providing milk and patient nurturing for the rest of their lives.

Us dads do a lot, too.  We bring home the vegetable and soy protein!  Just kidding… fathers work hard, earn the family’s livelihood (along with moms) and are the hunter/gatherers.  We play with the kids, take them to all the Little League baseball, soccer games and are a source of strength when times get tough.

I honor my father on this holiday, as I try to every day.  Although he’s in heaven and no longer around – I do my best to remember all the good times we had together.

Also on this Father’s Day, I can’t help but think of my Father in Heaven – God the Father.  He created me, and the world, and I’m forever thankful.

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