Some people do well in gyms and health clubs, but most of my clients and readers do not.  Most people I know who have zealously joined gyms have gone for a few days and then stopped, wasting tons of money, and feeling guilty and ashamed for not having the willpower or resolve to keep it up.

That’s why I recommend saving your money on gym memberships, and doing it yourself.  Here are some tips to get started in what I call re-creation:

– Schedule 10 minutes a day to walk.  I find it’s best to go in the morning.
– Go for a daily walk.  Do your best to do this every day, and never miss.
– Ask a friend to go with you.  Make it a time to connect and enjoy the outdoors together with someone.
– If you are unable to walk, schedule 10 minutes of stretches or simple yoga, or chair stretches.

The mind is where the movement begins!  Make up your mind that doing 10 minutes a day is really simple, and that little amount of time is actually possible.  Everyone can make 10 minutes, or find 10 minutes.  If you tell yourself it’s only 10 minutes, then you will get started.  It will not seem impossible or too hard.

Of course, as always, ask God to help you find the ten minutes! And bring God with you on the walk or stretches, saying “thank you God,” with each step you take.

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