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As we begin another week in this marvelous life, I want to reassure you that you are OK, and that things are going to be OK. You may be beginning a new workweek, with lots of stress and worries.  Know …Read More

Sugar and sugar addiction is a big topic with me, and I know it is with a lot of our readers, too, going by the number of comments and page views we’ve received. Of course, the amounts of food I …Read More

Have you ever been to an anonymous support group meeting? They can be really interesting and valuable and you meet people you can relate to, because they’re having similar experiences with being overweight.  You can also discover cool groups at …Read More

As I wrote the other day, I had lunch at a fast foot restaurant, you know, the one starting with the letter “M”! I was in a hurry and was also craving a delicious, meaty sandwich after weeks of low-carb …Read More

Here’s a delicious recipe for fish, with hearty flavor, few calories, and the good kind of fat (Omega). Try it tonight for supper, I think you will enjoy it. It will help you in your weight loss or maintenance cause, …Read More

I was in a rush yesterday, with lots of work to get done and the need to finish my shopping trip. Not much time for lunch, and not much around that was healthy. I was at a shopping center, with …Read More

This morning we hear the news that a major earthquake has hit in New Zealand, in a small town, ChristChurch.  There are reports that as many as 65 people are dead, and probably lots more.  Buildings collapsed, bridges and landslides …Read More

So, after three weeks of being on a no-carb diet, actually at about the two week mark, I began to add some carbohydrates back into my eating plan. I had lost 12 pounds, and I am very happy about that. …Read More

Here’s a query for your day, today… What is overeating and being overweight giving you? Please think about this, in a very insightful, deep way, and share your feelings.  Post them on a comment below, then come back in a …Read More

This is a really tasty recipe that’s better, and healthier for you – but it doesn’t taste like “heath food.”  No way!  Try it, you’ll like it. Dr. Norris Chumley’s Better Berry Muffins Spray or coat two muffin tins with …Read More