As we begin another week in this marvelous life, I want to reassure you that you are OK, and that things are going to be OK.

You may be beginning a new workweek, with lots of stress and worries.  Know that God is right here with you, every step of the way.  Just think of God, and you will be guided rightly.

Is it that you are doing your best to cope with a special challenge right now?  Perhaps a health concern, or trouble with a family member or friend?  Give that to God right now, too.  Trust in God 100% and you will see miracles.

When you put your total trust in God, as you see or understand Him, then the mightiest power of all is with you.  Things you had not considered become clear.  Ways of solving problems appear; methods that you hadn’t previously been aware of.  Opportunities come into your life.  Love grows, and understanding with it.

All is great and perfect with God.  Be reassured!

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