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As I wrote the other day, I had lunch at a fast foot restaurant, you know, the one starting with the letter “M”! I was in a hurry and was also craving a delicious, meaty sandwich after weeks of low-carb dieting.

Thank God I was given the grace of restraint and only had one sandwich, no fries (the “meal”) and only seltzer water to drink. Only 540 calories and 29 grams of fat. ONLY that many calories and fat???

My first thought is I could have even done better, and had a salad? That would have been healthier, right? Let’s flip the placemat over again and check the nutrition facts.

I could have had the one with fried chicken and bacon, only 370 calories and 20 grams of fat. Or, I could have gotten the chicken grilled, much better, right? That’s only 260 and 9 grams fat. Better, but what about the dressing? I like Caesar, with 190 calories and 18 g fat.

That fried chicken salad would total 560 calories and 38 grams of fat. It’s actually worse than the sandwich was, in terms of calories and fat. Surprised? The grilled chicken was better, totaling 450 calories and 27 g’s of fat. But that’s close to the sandwich, too.

What if I’d had what I perceive to be an even healthier choice, the “Southwest” salad? Seems like it would be mostly corn, tomato, lettuce and perhaps a cactus? Just kidding. It’s pretty yummy with chicken, the above vegetables and lots of cheese. However, it’s the most calorie and fat-laden of all at 430 calories, and 20 fat grams. Not including dressing.

I could have a “side salad” with only 20 calories and no fat!

What would YOU order? Please tell us in a comment below.


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