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Today, I offer you a prayer to God in thanks for the spring holidays of Passover and Easter.  These are celebrated in the same week this year, and both are about liberation, release, forgiveness and salvation. God,Thank You for my …Read More

As Easter was originally a Passover meal, when the Rabbi Jesus Christ faced crucifixion at the Last Supper, it makes sense to want to celebrate His resurrection with a traditional feast.  A symbol of Passover was to take blood of …Read More

You probably know it’s a good idea to eat less salt, or even avoid adding salt to your food.  Too much salt can lead to problems, such as hypertension (high blood pressure). Last week, Kraft Foods announced they’re going to …Read More

Here’s a query for your day, today… What is overeating and being overweight giving you? Please think about this, in a very insightful, deep way, and share your feelings.  Post them on a comment below, then come back in a …Read More

OK, what’s so bad about you? Are you really that worthless? Are you really so fat and ugly? Do you really deserve the harsh judgment and low self-esteem you throw on yourself? Is your life really that difficult? Or are …Read More

Here’s a really simple, delicious vegetable side dish that’s full of vitamins, minerals and flavor. Dr. Norris J. Chumley’s Succulent Spinach 1 bag of spinach, approximately, a pound, washed and drained½ onion10-15 cherry tomatoes1 teaspoon olive oil Wash the spinach …Read More

Check-out this post in my friend and colleague’s Beliefnet blog, Fresh Living today.  Erin O’Donnell wrote a piece about the portion sizes in “Last Supper” paintings. She points out a recent study by the Cornell Food and Brand Lab, “Researchers …Read More

Here is an inspiring and uplifting quote for you today… “My love is my weight.” —  St. Augustine When you’re concerned about overeating, and if you’re feeling low about your weight — fill yourself with LOVE.

My wife saw Kirstie Alley on a talk show last week, which inspired her to record her new A&E series, “Kirstie Alley’s Big Life.”  I planned to avoid it! But the other night, while she was watching it, I was …Read More

Like others, I have a bit of fear and skepticism over the new healthcare reform bill, passed by the House and Senate.  Yet, it’s clear that we definitely do need some sort of healthcare reform! The facts are that healthcare …Read More