Today, I offer you a prayer to God in thanks for the spring holidays of Passover and Easter.  These are celebrated in the same week this year, and both are about liberation, release, forgiveness and salvation.

Thank You for my life.
Thank you for the many gifts of existence.
I appreciate the long cold winter of rest,
And the new spring return of resurrected plants,
Newborn animals, and my faith returning.

Thank You for saving me from death,
The spring lamb has been sacrificed, and its blood
Offered to me for the cleansing of my error and limitation.
The symbol of faith, and the passing over of those who would
Try to kill my faith and family.  Instead my Spirit is made whole.

Thank You for the body of God.
The life anew forever into eternity.
From Spirit to human to God in Heaven.
You alone have saved me.  You alone have forgiven me,
Allowing me to forgive others.  You alone save me and give me life forever.


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