As Easter was originally a Passover meal, when the Rabbi Jesus Christ
faced crucifixion at the Last Supper, it makes sense to want to
celebrate His resurrection with a traditional feast.  A symbol of
Passover was to take blood of sacrificial lambs slaughtered at the
temple, and paint the blood on doorways, indicating where Jews lived –
so the Holy Spirit could “Passover” their homes and save them.  Jesus
Christ was also considered the sacrificial lamb of God.

A lot of
folks don’t really like the taste of lamb; some say it is too strong, or
“gamey.”  I love it, personally, yet I’m the only one in our family who
does!  Perhaps you like it.  Since the holiday is close–I thought I
would offer you a really flavorful recipe to try.  This is one that lets
excess fat drip off, offers sweetness from a mélange of fruits, yet
also has a rich herb and garlic component.

Dr. Norris J.
Chumley’s Easter Lamb

Lamb – the best cuts are a “rack” of
lamb, or leg.  Ask you butcher to trim excess fat and the silver skin,
and between bones.  The lamb should be at room temperature before

Dried fruits: try figs, apricots, dark cherries.

cloves of garlic

½ cup balsamic vinegar

½ cup 100% fruit
juice: try pear, apricot or cranberry

herbs:  tarragon, rosemary,
oregano, thyme (fresh or dried)

Preheat the oven to 450.  Rinse
the meat and pat it dry with paper towels.  Make small slit cuts in the
flesh, and insert slices of garlic.  Mix your herbs, then rub half over
the meat.

Position the lamb into a deep roasting pan, on top of a
rack.  If you don’t have a rack, crumpled aluminum foil can be used to
prop-up the meat.

Roast the meat for 15-20 minutes in order to
brown and seal the outer flesh.  Reduce the oven heat to 350 degrees,
assuming that it will take about half an hour per pound to reach the
proper temperature of 145 degrees.  Yes, I recommend using a meat
thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the roast.  At this
point, mix the dried fruits, the remaining herbs, ½ cup of fruit juice
and ½ cup balsamic vinegar together in a small bowl.

During the
last half hour of roasting, baste the juice/herb mixture over the lamb,
cover with a sheet or two of aluminum foil, and return to the oven.

it is within 10-20 degrees of completion, remove the lamb from the
oven, while keeping the foil cover.  Let it rest before serving.

a prayer of thanks to God for your blessings.  If you’re Christian,
continue the prayer stating your belief in Jesus Christ, and thank Him
for your own resurrection and freedom, from His precious sacrifice.

share your favorite lamb recipe, or variations in a comment below, and
email this recipe to all your friends!

Happy Easter, to you and
your family.


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