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Today is my birthday (Sept. 30) and here’s a brand-new video recipe for a very low-fat, low calorie yogurt fruit snack.  It was a lot of fun to make, and I hope it’s helpful to you. Just to recap (in …Read More

If you’re a regular reader you’re aware of my quest to eat more salads.  I will admit, I have not been in love with them, until now.  I’ve come up with a bunch of new ideas for bunches of lettuce.  …Read More

I was in New York City the other day, riding the subway, and saw one of these new ads: “Are You Pouring on the Pounds?”  Take a look at the ad: it’s striking.  That soda becomes gooey-globs of fat in …Read More

Why do you think they call it “junk food?” Because it’s garbage! I think it should only be called junk. Leave off the “food.” (Because it isn’t.) Sodas are made of sugar water and chemical flavorings. I like to call …Read More

A great way to understand what’s going on in your life, in your habits and actions, thoughts and needs, is to write about it. Keep a journal or diary. Write what you’re thinking and doing. Talk on paper about what …Read More

There’s nothing like a spiritual community where you can feel instantly understood and appreciated for what you believe in and experience. You’ll hear other people’s experiences, too, which often helps you to deepen your own. There are religious, church based …Read More

ABC television is running a new series on the Ten Commandments, on “ABC News Nightline” click here to check it out online here.  You probably know or remember, the 10 Commandments are the guides to living given by God to …Read More

Acai Berries and Colon Cleanser From time-to-time, I like to answer questions from readers.  I cannot answer every question, of course, but sometimes I think it’s important to address topics that are of interest to lots of people. Here’s one …Read More

How to lose weight, weight loss tips, diets, fat loss programs – the world is filled with them.  It’s pretty amazing to me that people continue to look for some new, magical formula or solution.  It’s amazing to me that …Read More

There’s a United Nations initiative for peace: on Monday September 21, a suggested moment at noon (EST) they’re calling “A Million Minutes for Peace.”  The idea is for as many people around the world to gather together for silence or …Read More