Dr. Norris J. Chumley Satisfied Life

Why do you think they call it “junk food?” Because it’s garbage! I
think it should only be called junk. Leave off the “food.” (Because it

Sodas are made of sugar water and chemical flavorings. I like to call
them “liquid candy.” Many chips are actually ground-up processing
remnants (skins, trim, rejected bits) fried in cheap greases. Cheese
puffs are also ground-up artificial cheese leftovers, air-blown. Junk
cakes are mostly chemicals and sugar. No “junk” “snack” food carries
useful nutrition. They are purely for taste.

Why not have a snack that tastes
good, and helps your body and mind?
Go ahead and snack: Eat something real and really good. Fruit (sweet,
fibrous, alive), vegetables (crunchy, almost no calories or fat), or
whole-wheat pretzels (only flour, water and a little salt).

Have YOU any healthy snack ideas, that aren’t junk or harmful to your body? PLEASE COMMENT and share!


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