I was in New York City the other day, riding the subway, and saw one of these new ads: “Are You Pouring on the Pounds?”  Take a look at the ad: it’s striking.  That soda becomes gooey-globs of fat in the ad, just like it does on our bodies.

NYC ad.jpgAre you aware that sodas are very high calorie?  A little soda, in an old-fashioned 8-ounce soda bottle can be as much as 100 calories.  A 16-ounce bottle or cup (now the “small” size in fast food joints), may be 200 calories or more.  A big one “Super size” is 460 or more!  There’s supposedly the equivalent of 12 teaspoons of sugar in a small one.  Imagine that!  Now you wouldn’t sit down and put 12 teaspoons of sugar in your mouth at one time would you?  It’s actually not even sugar anymore, it’s high-fructose corn syrup, let’s talk about that later, but it’s not good for us.

There’s also the matter of high salt (sodium) in sodas.  That’s not good for blood-pressure, and it actually makes us thirstier, causing us to want to buy and consume more.  Also, soda’s are rather acidic. The carbolic acid in them can throw the ph level our bodies off balance, leading to other problems, like stiff joints, digestion problems, ulcers, etc.

If you have a daily soda habit, please give it to God in prayer, and stop it immediately.  If you do only that, you might actually lose 3-5 pounds per month.  Sodas are that harmful and fattening.  As the ad says, have water, seltzer, or low-fat milk instead.

Do YOU have a soda habit or addiction — give it up in print with a comment, below.  AND/OR, please share your ideas for healthy drinks.

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