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OK, what’s so bad about you? Are you really that worthless? Are you really so fat and ugly? Do you really deserve the harsh judgment and low self-esteem you throw on yourself? Is your life really that difficult? Or are …Read More

Here’s a query for your day, today… What is overeating and being overweight giving you? Please think about this, in a very insightful, deep way, and share your feelings. Post them on a comment below, then come back in a …Read More

Did you see the premiere of Fox’s new reality dating show, “More To Love?”  What did YOU think of it? First off, I want to get this right out on the table, I work for Fox because it’s Fox/News Corp. …Read More

How can I stop myself from eating when I’m not hungry? It’s often hard to realize you may be eating for reasons besides a nutritional need! You may be simply just eating out of habit, boredom, or to distract from …Read More

I just want to take a moment to say that I care about you.  Sure, it’s true, I may not know you directly, or even by name.  I care about you, though, dear reader. That’s why I write this daily …Read More

I have some ideas for those of you who say they have tried everything to lose weight and get healthier.  Here are two: First, check with your doctor to make sure you’re totally OK, and don’t have some underlying health …Read More

I’ve picked Anna’s comment to feature this week.  If only there were more people like her, who realize that there’s a lot of personal work necessary along with weight-loss surgery.  I also wish there were more people who have enjoyed …Read More

I hear this frequently: a loved one (child, relative, friend) has an obesity problem, and they want to help.  Here’s what I suggest in such difficult situations. — Realize that you have no direct control over them.— Pick the best …Read More

I saw an ABC news piece on how Safeway, the supermarket chain, is encouraging employees to eat more healthy food, exercise and watch their weight.  They save them money on insurance by reducing the amount contributed by employees to pay …Read More

Let me ask you: are your overeating habits and pleasure more important than your life? It really comes down to that life or death question. Is the brownie ice-cream sundae dessert, and regular daily desserts worth a heart attack or …Read More