Dr. Norris J. Chumley Satisfied Life

OK, what’s so bad about you? Are you really that worthless? Are you
really so fat and ugly? Do you really deserve the harsh judgment and
low self-esteem you throw on yourself? Is your life really that
difficult? Or are your standards unrealistic or impossible?

Take a break from all the negativity and stress, and tell yourself that
you’re OK. Be satisfied with what you’ve got, and how good you actually
have it. See the bright side of yourself for a change, instead of
constant self-assassination.

Get simple. Take things slowly…do what you can…give yourself a
little love, appreciation and respect today…and every day!
See what’s good about yourself for a change. At the same time, be
realistic about what needs improving right away, and only do that. Make
changes in little increments, not life-stopping emergency interventions
all the time (like dieting).

First and foremost, thank God what what you have today… right now.

Let’s hear your comment about what’s good a right about you — and what blessings God bestowed on YOU.

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