Here’s a query for your day, today…
What is overeating and being overweight giving you?
Please think about this, in a very insightful, deep way, and share your feelings.

Post them on a comment below,
then come back in a few hours or tomorrow and see what other have said.
You may find some intriguing responses to your thoughts, or someone
else may have posted something that sparks new insights for you. You
may learn a lot about yourself, and your motivations for continuing
your old habits.

I found that for me, being fat was a shield against
having to be close or intimate with others. It was protection from
possibly being hurt. That compounded my problems, though, I began to
see over the long-term. I was overeating in the short-term moment of
pain, to soothe my pain, but in the long-run, I was making my pain
worse. This snowballed into a massive obesity problem (400 pounds of misery).
It’s not easy to look at yourself, and see your problems. It helps if others are doing this kind of self-analysis, too.

What does fat give you?


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