Here’s a note from B., a client who took my classes a few years back.  Note how she only made a couple of small changes in her life, but kept it going.  B did not diet or exercise.  Nothing drastic or depriving. Congratulations B!

“I visited your website this morning and just wanted to share with you that
I have lost 32 pounds since 2007.
“I did it because of stress partly, but the rest I just stopped binge eating at night.  Just stopped.  Divine intervention?  I don’t know.  But I do know that I am down 2 sizes in clothing.
“I visited Beliefnet this morning and found your blog inspirational, as always. I read about how you started with baby steps, walking 10 minutes a day and dancing.  I love dancing but I now have arthritis in my right knee and wonder if I can still do it. 
“I do NOT do any exercise.  This is not good as I am now 60 years old.
“So after reading about how you did not push yourself to join a gym, or do anything extraordinary re exercise, I decided to start doing that for for myself – just 10 minutes a day.  Walking up and down my block.
It’s a start.”

B, I am sure you can dance.  Even if it’s little steps, or sitting down, keep dancing.  Of course, as always, consult your doctor, but the rhythm stays with us no matter what.  Keep moving, and it may well help you feel better.

THANK YOU for writing.  And I’d love to hear from everyone.  Please post a note below.

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