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During this Covid-19 pandemic, we all need to take care of ourselves and each other. It’s actually pretty easy. Here’s how to stay safe during Covid-19.

Social distancing.

Social distancing is the most important tool against Covid-19. The virus needs to jump from person to person in order to reproduce. If we can cut that part of its life cycle out of the picture by isolating ourselves or social distancing, we will be killing the virus.

It’s easy to keep six feet apart from each other. Stores are marking their floors so customers waiting in line know exactly how far apart to space themselves. Certain grocery chains are putting arrows in their aisles so there’s less chance of bumping into someone.

Avoiding crowded places is part of social distancing. If you need to use an elevator and there are already two people inside, it’s best to wait for another elevator or to take the stairs.

Humans are social animals. We love being with others. We all need that sense of touch that being close to someone brings. So in that sense, social distancing can be very difficult. But if you think of social distancing like being in a protective bubble, you’ll realize that social distancing protects you from others, and it also keeps other safe from any virus you may have.

Better personal hygiene.

People are getting better at keeping up good personal hygiene. When you come in from outdoors, its best to wash your hands and face. That removes any Covid-19 contact droplets that may have been on you.

Wash your hands with soap after touching anything public. Use hand sanitizers. Don’t touch your face after touching a public object like a door handle, table top or elevator button.

Covering your sneeze.

You don’t want to infect any one else. It’s important to cover your nose with your sleeve or hand when you sneeze. And immediately wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.

Wear a face mask in public spaces.

Wearing a face mask that’s not medical grade won’t protect you against the virus. But it will protect others if you are a carrier of the virus. If you are pre-symptomatic, when you sneeze or cough, a mask stops the water droplets containing Covid virus from spraying into the air and onto someone. So a mask keeps others around you safe from you.

We can all be safe during the Covid-19 outbreak. Just remember, do social distancing and self isolation. Cover your sneeze and cough. Wash your hands and face immediately when going indoors, or after coughing or sneezing. Wear a face mask in public. Like every other pandemic, this too will pass.

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