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Are you grateful for your life, and all things in it? Take a moment to pause and reflect. Gratitude helps you let go of fear and doubt. In today’s increasingly angry and divided society, it’s important to appreciate all the good things in our lives. It’s important to honour relationships, see the good in people, and pay forward good intentions.  

Gratitude is a part of happiness

Gratitude isn’t some faith-based feeling or idea. Feeling grateful is part of the happiness spectrum. When someone does something nice for you, say like helping shovel snow, or pitching in on the job to help with the work load, you feel happy. You feel appreciated and loved (to a certain extent) by the other person. That happy feeling is gratitude. It’s the feeling you experience after the kindness of others. You are happy someone thought enough about you to help you.

Happiness makes life easier. You approach the world from a viewpoint of love and harmony. You are more optimistic, more spiritual, and less self-centred. You see people for who they are, and you are more accepting and respectful of others. You form a deeper relationship with friends and family. You’re more friendly and open to the world.

Gratitude is a powerful emotional tool that improves your health and shifts energy to a higher level. Gratitude reduces negative feelings, makes you more resilient, increases mental strength, and improves your relationships.

Take happiness to the next higher level

Everyone wants to be happy. But that’s not always possible. Gratitude provides a way to be happy without trying to find a happy experience. For example, you realize you have a terrific wife who takes care of the kids and loves you faithfully. That realization should make you happy. You are blessed to be loved. There is no need to try to find another woman to make you happier, or to love you more. That action would only happen because you don’t recognize what you have, and aren’t grateful.

Gratitude opens you up to love. You appreciate the love that is present in all things and in yourself. It’s tough to hate yourself when you can appreciate both the good and bad in you.

Practicing an attitude of gratitude lets you see your life as a miracle. You see the opportunities and possibilities before you. You look at things and see them as rich and positive, instead of poor and fearful. Gratitude strengthens your body, mind, and heart. By sending out positive energy, you’ll start attracting situations and people into your life that are positive and soul-enriching.

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