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Body Memory Differs From Body Flashback

You may find that a depressed person has aches and pains that can’t be pinned down to some current happening in life. For example, a depressed person may have back aches, stiff neck and shoulders, or even bruising that seems to appear without anything causing it. These body pains are memories of trauma, stress, and anxiety that the body is trying to expel.

Memory isn’t always stored in the brain. Body memory is the idea that the body is able to store memories. Cellular memory goes even further. It says that memories can be stored in every cell of the body, and is used to explain organ transplant memories. Body flashback differs from body/cell memory. Body flashback is a sudden, vivid memory that makes you feel like you’re reliving a trauma all over again.

Body Memory

Body memory has been used by doctors to explain phantom pain and repressed memories. Body memory is a response to physiological trauma. Usually the body has suffered some intense or prolonged stress. The body remembers and stores this memory in its cells. The memory shows up as phantom pain.

You might have heard stories of amputees who complain about pain in a missing limb, or how they can still feel the limb as part of the body. Amputees have been recorded as saying that the amputated leg or arm itches or has prickling sensations. Some amputees claim that the missing limb still feels changes in weather, or cold and hot air.

Phantom pain can happen in any part of the body. It can be aches and pains that don’t seem to have any real cause. Yet the aches and pains are very real. It’s because your body has stored some anxiety or trauma in that part of your body. Phantom pain is part of repressed memories of trauma and sexual abuse. Body memories also play a part in PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

During stress and anxiety, the body stiffens as it gets ready to flee or fight. Adrenaline courses throughout the body. Pain pathways are formed. If the same stress and anxiety keeps repeating itself enough times, the body learns or remembers the pain pathways. In depression, the pain pathway is accessed whenever the person faces stress or anxiety. Even the memory of the trauma of a hit or sexual abuse is remembered by the body in these pain pathways.

Body Flashback

Body flashback is different from body memory. A body flashback is a sudden, vivid memory that makes you feel like you’re experiencing an event all over again. The event can be traumatic, happy, sad, etc. Some suggest that a body flashback can even happen with a past life flashback or memory regression.

A body flashback can be triggered by any of your senses, an emotional memory, a reminder of the event, or an unrelated stressful event. Trauma literally changes your brain. Your brain stores the event on a different pathway than where you normally store memory. A sensory experience can thus trigger this forgotten pathway and cause vivid memories and reactions. This is the flashback. It happens in PTSD, and childhood/sexual trauma and abuse.

Cell memory

This is the idea that your all your cells have memory and also hold your personality traits. Imagine having all your memories and personality in every cell of your body! This means that organs like your heart could store your essence, maybe even what some would call your soul.

Cell memory has had scientific support because of organ transplants. Heart transplant patients often have a big change in personality. While some of it is because the patients have had a close call with death and so have had a life changing experience, most of these personality changes are unexplainable.

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