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Psychic protection is always important. When I first felt depressed, I was getting confused about the mixed messages I heard from the spirit world. A lot of times the messages of hope and healing were getting muddled with words of fear and anxiety. I later realized that the fearful and anxious messages were actually my own emotions projected back at me. Whenever I heard message from spirit, I always added in my own words of despair and hopelessness.

This happens to the best of psychics even if the person isn’t depressed. But depression is worse, being a mass of dark energy, it sucks in negativity and sends negativity back to you two fold. Depression can actually appear or feel like a dark cloud to a psychic. It can feel like the dark cloud is attacking you. And it really is attacking you. That depression cloud has all your self loathing, fears, anxiety, and guilt bundled together in a massive energy field that’s aimed right back at you. It’s the old adage, what you give out to the Universe returns to you.

Use pure essential oils in psychic sprays

To make a good psychic spray, you need to use pure essential oils. Some essential oils are mixtures or have other oils added. These mixed essential oils are diluted forms of the essence or spirit of the original essential oil. In magical work or making psychic sprays, the thinking is that the purer the ingredients, the better and more clearly the intention is conveyed to the Universe. Pure essential oils cost more, but they last a long time. I personally believe the investment is worth it.

Psychic protection spray for keeping anxiety and negative thoughts out of personal aura


  • spring water or distilled water
  • Angelica essential oil
  • Garlic essential oil
  • Mountain Pennyroyal essential oil
  • Pink Yarrow essential oil
  • Shooting Star essential oil
  • Yarrow essential oil

Fill a 1 ounce (30 ML) bottle 1/4 full with good vodka.

Fill bottle up to neck with spring water.

Add 6 drops of EACH essential oil.

Gently shake about 20 times to mix.

Label with the date you made the mixture. Expiry is 28 days after made.

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