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What’s the difference between flower essence and essential oil?

Flower essences and essential oils complement each other in the healing the human soul. But the way these two work is very different.

Flower essences heal the aura fields around the body and soul. Sometimes the word etheric is used instead of aura when talking about the energy surrounding a human soul and body. Etheric bio-fields regulate the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical functions of a person. Thus flower essences help balance and regulate the energy vibrations of the etheric fields.

Essential oils react with the body through the senses, mainly the olfactory system. From the nasal passages, scent is carried in chemical packages to various parts of the brain. Memories can be stimulated by different scent. That’s why some scents, like freshly baked cookies, can elicit childhood memories.

The difference is what part of the plant is used.

Essential oils have distinct aromas, and as mentioned above, they work on the olfactory sense to heal. Essential oils are highly concentrated chemicals. Most essential oils use the natural chemicals that are found in different parts of plant material, like the roots, seeds, bark, or flowers. To make an essential oil, you need to steam distill large amounts of plant material. Sometimes, man-made chemicals are added to essential oils to enhance the smell. These artificial chemicals are specially designed to affect certain parts of the brain. The purer the essential oil is, the more expensive it is.

You cannot ingest an essential oil because it is highly poisonous or can burn. To use an essential oil on your skin, you first have to dilute the oil in what’s called a carrier oil such as olive oil.

Flower essences use only the flower part of the plant. Only small quantities are needed and the process of creating a flower essence is gentle. The vibrational energy of the flower is what’s important. The most common way to get that out, is to put the flower in a bowl of water that’s placed in direct sunlight. 

Flower essences are safe and gentle to use on the body. They can be ingested, although some are harmful to pregnant women and pets. You can squeeze a few drops of flower essence directly on your tongue and be safe.

Flower essences affect the different etheric bio-fields of the body. A flower’s resonance energy responds to and interacts with the vibrational energy of a person. This subtly removes negativity from different auric fields and restores balance and harmony to the body, mind, and soul. In order for a flower essence to have full healing potential, the correct flower must be matched with what the person is experiencing spiritually, emotionally, or physically. This is especially important when it comes to distinguishing between depression and anxiety, as both have similar characteristics.

Flower essences and essential oils – it’s your choice.

Flower essences and essential oils are great healing alternatives for depression and anxiety. They are safe and easy to use. It’s your choice which one you prefer to use. You might want to use both at different times of the day. Positive energy and happy healing to you!

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