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guest post by Jennifer Cockton


The best things in life cannot be owned, touched, heard or even seen. The best things in life can only be felt. -Helen Keller

Chances are you miss the best things in life every day. There are days that I do also. For example our morning commute. We have a routine and a schedule to meet. We need to be somewhere.

Alarm goes off – no time to wake up, it’s time to get up. You don’t have time to meditate, journal or exercise. Who are those people and what time do they get up?

The dog needs to pee and so do I. Time to play with the dog, what?? This is not Sunday.

Shower and dress you will grab coffee on the way. Have a sit down breakfast with the family, is that for real??

Hugs, kisses and I Love You as the children go to before school care. Right?!

This morning I was early for an appointment. I like to be early. It gives me an opportunity to see what I might be missing.

I was able to grab a coffee and sit next to a fountain. For two minutes I stopped and took video of the fountain.

After I watched dozens of people walk by and not even look at the fountain that graces their daily commute and I thought, how much are we missing….

It’s not where we are going but how we get there and as Helen Keller’s quote reveals, it’s how we felt and feel during it all.

Take 20 seconds to feel.

Now try 2 minutes.


Special thanks to Jennifer Cockton, Business Development Professional, for sharing this post.

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