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Abraham-Hicks Affirmations Meditation

Abraham-Hicks affirmations are uplifting, feel good mantras. If you’re familiar with “The Secret”, you’ll know who Abraham-Hicks is. Abraham-Hicks isn’t a single person, but a group of spiritually evolved teachers who collectively are called Abraham.

Abraham describes themselves as “a group consciousness from the non-physical dimension.” So Abraham is a bunch of souls whose thoughts are directed towards helping those who ask and sending out positive energies to the universe where it’s needed. Abraham has also said, “We are that which you are. You are the leading edge of that which we are. We are that which is at the heart of all religions.”

Abraham-Hicks is channeled through the husband and wife team of Esther and Jerry Hicks. That’s why the spirit collective is called Abraham-Hicks. Jerry died a few years ago so Esther is the one who now channels Abraham.

The Abraham-Hicks affirmations are feel good, simple phrases to focus your thoughts on. The intent is to uplift your spirit, rebalance your inner soul, and attract positivity towards yourself.

It’s not difficult to focus on an affirmation. Sometimes the words bring a feeling of peace. Other times you find your mind floats to a clear solution for your problems. The key to doing any affirmation is to do it when you’re feeling good.


Get feeling good and do your affirming from that high-flying, feeling good place.

Don’t try to affirm from a place of that lacks positivity or is full of negative emotion.

This Abraham-Hicks video has Abraham telling us how to turbocharge our affirmations by only doing them when the time is right. Enjoy!

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