Depression Help
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Stress, anxiety, and depression cause fatigue. Essential oils are a quick, safe and easy way to fight fatigue by soothing or stimulating the mind. Essential oils come from plants, so basically its herbal medicine. The following five essential oils are […]

February is the month of love. We give flowers, chocolates and gifts on Valentine’s Day to win or keep the heart of a loved one. But what about someone who is depressed? How do you let the person know you […]

Is depression a sin? No. Depression is not a sin nor is it always caused by being sinful. Depression is a real physical mental illness. Having a medical condition is not a sin. God doesn’t punish us with illness or […]

There’s the old adage that Christians live their lives with guilt. Maybe it comes from the idea that Jesus died for our sins and so we should all feel guilty. Then there’s all those rules and ideas Christians are supposed […]