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Karol Wojtyla, as a young factory worker in Poland. “I come from your midst. I come from the quarries of Zakrzowek, from the Solvay furnaces in Borek Falecki, and then from Nowa Huta. Through all these surroundings, through my own …Read More

A fellow blogger sent his my way, and it’s too good and too rare to pass up. It’s the story of a teenager who is planning to become — are you sitting down? — a nun. From The Catholic Globe …Read More

Periodically, people ask me what my Sunday is like. It varies week to week, but most of the time it has this common theme: it’s not a day of rest. This weekend was a little different, because it was a …Read More

The Archdiocese of St. Louis has a high-profile priest (who is also the son of a deacon) who is planning to do a little field work in the months ahead. But his field will be an airfield. This comes to …Read More

Multiple sources say John McCain’s running mate was baptized Catholic, but after that it gets murky. One blogger put it this way: Like most Pentecostal denominations, going all the way back to the Azusa Revival a century ago, the Assemblies …Read More

Twenty years ago this week, a young man was about to drop everything and give his life to God. You can hear his account of that vocation journey right here, via NPR. If you find that tantalizing, you can read …Read More

You really have to feel for St. Peter. A couple weeks ago, we encountered him climbing out of a boat during a storm, trying to walk on water. He floundered, and Jesus had to rescue him. Then, last week, he …Read More

Like what you see here? Well, wander over to the 2008 Blogger’s Choice Awards and put in your two cents (or two clicks) and let them know. Your Humble Blogger is nominated in the category of Best Religion Blog. If …Read More

One of the most familiar faces in my corner of New York is Msgr. James Lisante, former head of The Christophers. He pops up a lot on television, offering analysis and commentary, and he has a popular interview program on …Read More

In my own diocese of Brooklyn, the local paper has just profiled one of my brother deacons, who has a unique ministry using his abundant talents as an artist. Frequent visitors to The Bench may know him as the creative …Read More