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This is one of my favorite stories from the writings of Thomas Merton. In The Waters of Siloe, he tells the true story of a businessman checking into a hotel in Paris in the days following World War II and, …Read More

It’s rare to find serious discussion of religion and public life in the mainstream media — particularly when the religion involved is Catholic. So it was all the more surprising to stumble across this lengthy profile of a Catholic congresswoman …Read More

The Catholic Church doesn’t lack for saints — both those named and unnamed. We wear medals, collect holy cards, light candles, pray chaplets and adorn our mantles with statues and icons, pictures and prayers. But it seems there’s one Latino …Read More

One afternoon a few years ago, my wife went to confession down at St. Francis of Assisi, on 32nd St., in Manhattan. It’s one of the few places in the city that has confession all day, every day – in …Read More

Cardinal Sean O’Malley is continuing his little travel-blog of his pilgrimage to Rome, Turkey and Russia. He’s seeing everything, and the pictures — as you can tell below — really capture the wonder of his journey. Visit the good cardinal’s …Read More

Pittsburgh got her new bishop yesterday, and the local paper has the scoop: In an address infused with humor, gratitude and Scripture, Pittsburgh’s new Roman Catholic bishop spurred members of his flock to “get excited” about living and sharing their …Read More

The interview with Randy Pausch that I mentioned on Thursday appeared on the CBS Evenng News with Katie Couric Friday night. It features a visit to his childhood home and a chat with his mom, too. You can watch it …Read More

The words on this sign, from a protest in Bangkok in support of the people of Myanmar, say it all. The prayer below, composed by an American with great affection and respect for Buddhist monks, was written while he was …Read More

Rudy Giuliani opened up Friday about religion, the Bible, adultery and casting the first stone. According to one wire report: Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani compared the scrutiny of his personal life marked by three marriages to the biblical story …Read More

“Blessed Trinity Extends Winning Streak”