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Posted on my new favorite site and from the geniuses at Possible Metrics, here’s a video using (and showing) the sounds made by falling objects editing and synchronized into a sweet funky rhythm. Show it to your kids: [link]  

It’s time for another conversation with Cleverbot. I wanted to talk about kids going back to school, but weirdly (again), the conversation turned to fatherhood. Thanks, Cleverbot, for your help. ————— [ME]: Well, Cleverbot, it’s that time of year when …Read More

One of the things I’ve wanted to do with Dadequate is point readers toward cool stuff to experience online with your kids. I’m always on the lookout for great videos that aren’t necessarily made for kids but which we can …Read More

Today’s Meet a Dad profile is John Blase, a writer and editor in Colorado. Most recently he has been collaborating with Brennan Manning on Manning’s upcoming memoir, Ragamuffin Grace — which I can’t wait to read. (The goal of Meet …Read More

Until college, I was never a big fan of school. I’m an introvert. People liked me enough, I guess, but I was never a popular kid. I had trouble fitting into large groups, I got nervous when confronted with new …Read More

OK Go + Muppets = Genius

Today’s Meet a Dad profile is Winn Collier, a pastor in Virginia and the author of books including Restless Faith and Holy Curiosity. (The goal of Meet a Dad: Profile a dad and let him share his fatherly wisdom with …Read More

Last week, after almost two years of weeknight sessions, I finished reading the Harry Potter series aloud to my kids. Occasionally my wife filled in, but mostly it was me doing the reading…and the voices…and the silent editing out of …Read More

This is a shelf in my son’s room. It’s one of two: To say he’s into LEGO Minifigures is like saying Harold Camping is into the Rapture. Which is why we’re both excited to learn from GeekDad about a new …Read More

Well, this is just crazy. If you’ve never heard of Danny MacAskill, he’s a stunt cyclist from Scotland. He’s had a number of amazing YouTube videos explode over the Internet, and there’s a new one out. This is what he …Read More