March Horoscopes 2014 at Tarot.comSpring is less than three weeks away! I can see the light at the end of my cold, dark winter tunnel. Er, all we have to do now is navigate Mars Retrograde, which will have us spinning backward the entire month.

But navigating Mars Retrograde is not going to be easy.

The March Horoscopes indicate it’s going to be a month of push and pull, with relationships floundering and delayed progress.

That’s because action planet Mars rules war and sex, and it’s retrograde in peaceful Libra, the sign of partnerships.

Couples can expect some fights, tension and trouble in the bedroom all month due to laziness, low libidos and mixed messages … yipes!

But, hey — sex isn’t everything. This can also be a time to slow down and rest and catch your breath. If you can keep the peace, you’ll be able to use this time to get ready for the new astrological year that begins when the Sun moves into Aries on March 20.

See? It’s not all bad! And like I said, spring is almost here. Read your horoscope for key dates and predictions to make the most of this confusing month as we march (slowly) into spring.

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