Sun in PiscesUntil recently, I had almost no Pisces friends. I’ve never dated a Pisces, either, unless you count that one fella I got into an argument with on the very first date. Hmmmm…

I always thought Pisces must be an incompatible match for my particular brand of Gemini. But guess what? I’ve made three — count ’em THREE — Pisces friends in the last year who are amazing me with their Pisces’ power!

Pisces is the most compassionate sign of the zodiac, known for being dreamy and sensitive, with active imaginations. Some people think of this as a lazy sign, and that all you do during Pisces season is lie around and dream.

But resting and dreaming are quite different from being lazy, now aren’t they?

This month, with the Sun is in Pisces from Feb. 18 until March 20, is our chance to rest up before we being a new astrological cycle at the Spring Equinox. It’s important to take care of ourselves, and Pisces empowers us to nourish our souls and regain strength before we begin again.

It’s normal to feel more spiritual during this time, and it’s easier to tap into your intuition. So rather than thinking of this as a lazy time, think of it as a powerful period to take care of yourself and others who need a tender Pisces touch.

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