star-warsAny Star Wars fans out there? I’m gearing up for International Star Wars Day tomorrow (May 4 = May the Fourth Be with You), and it just so happens I’ve been invited to a half-Halloween costume party the same night!

As I’m dusting off my Darth Vader-ess helmet, which I wore to another Star Wars party last year, I’m thinking about all my favorite Star Wars characters and which zodiac signs they would be.

I’ve always been a Star Wars fan, but my boyfriend is even more so. Which means in the last couple of years I’ve become even more familiar with the nuances of every character and I can take a pretty good guess about their Sun signs!

So let’s celebrate Star Wars Day with a look at the Star Wars zodiac signs of our most beloved characters:

Princess Leia: Libra

Leia’s dedication to bringing peace and justice to the Galactic Empire is a perfect fit with Libra’s need for fairness and balance. Leia is also a famous beauty, and Libra is considered the most attractive zodiac sign (having Venus, the planet of love and beauty, as a ruling planet helps).

Han Solo: Aries

This reckless mercenary must be an Aries, the zodiac sign famous for having a headstrong, take-charge attitude. The fact that Han Solo eventually becomes an important figure in the Rebel Alliance is likely due to his Aries leadership skills.

Luke Skywalker: Sagittarius

Luke starts with rather humble beginnings on his small home planet of Tatooine, but he quickly becomes a Jedi knight for the Rebel Alliance and travels all over the galaxy. Sagittarius is the most adventurous zodiac sign, seeking new places, people and experiences.

Yoda: Aquarius

The zodiac’s quirky-yet-brilliant sign of Aquarius is a good match for the eccentric Yoda. Aquarians definitely dance to the beat of a different drummer, and so does this powerful Jedi master.

Chewbacca: Taurus

Steady, earthy Chewbacca must be a Taurus. Chewie is a great sidekick, often a grounding influence to the more erratic Han Solo. Of course, true to the Taurus nature, Chewbacca also has a bit of a stubborn side. HRRRRRRRRRRRAAARHHHHHH

Darth Vader: Scorpio

There’s no better zodiac sign to describe the fallen Jedi and leader of the Dark Side than equally dark, mysterious Scorpio. Especially because Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, Lord of the Underworld.

May the fourth be with you!

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