mercury-in-taurus-380x235As a chatty Gemini, I always struggle when communication planet Mercury transits tight-lipped Taurus. But then again, it’s probably good for me to shut my mouth and focus on being practical every once in a while.

Mercury, my own ruling planet, will be in Taurus for exactly two weeks this time, from May 1-15. And during this time our attention will turn to practical matters, like money and budgeting, and our speech will likely be slower and more deliberate.

No fun!

We’re also known to have more of a stubborn streak during this time, and be less open to hearing other people’s ideas.

I don’t mean to sound like Debbie Downer. It’s not all bad, of course. It just goes against my nature!

I’m actually pretty familiar with this transit because my boyfriend’s Mercury is in Taurus, and we’ve had to learn to mesh our different communication styles.

We’re both Geminis, but my Mercury is also in Gemini so I tend to talk about, well, everything … all the time … and hop and skip from one topic to another and announce to the world how I’m feeling at every moment, or whether I like what I’m eating or wearing or watching, etc.

I’m a talker, and he is not. He’s a quick-witted Gemini for sure, but he’s definitely a man of fewer words. While I chatter, he doesn’t enjoy “over-sharing” his feelings. He thinks before he speaks, and when he does it is deliberate and he always means what he says.

That’s not so bad, right?

I’m just going to use this drama-free transit to take care of business, and then guess what? Mercury will move on in to my own sign of Gemini, and it’ll be the Jibber Jabber with Karen show for two whole weeks!

Take that, Taurus!

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