neptuneWhen I read Maria DeSimone’s Weekly Astrology Overview for the week of May 6-13, 2013, I groaned out loud. That’s because it’s all about being lost in a fog, and having a difficult time finding clarity.

For some people, that’s fine. They don’t mind living in a dream world. Navigating the unknown and thinking of it as an adventure. Those people know how to do that thing they call “relax.” It seems like most of those people are also Sagittarius!

For me, however, I’m a bottom-line gal with a serious Capricorn Moon that likes to know exactly what I’m dealing with at all times. My emotional comfort depends on it. Mental fog, do matter how dreamy Neptune makes it, is something I can do without.

That said, I am considering myself warned.

Venus is in Gemini, and today it’s making a square to Neptune that will make us semi-delusional. We may think one thing is happening when the truth is quite another, and we are warned to pay close attention to things that seem too good to be true, especially in love and money.

Heck, I’m usually lost in a fog when it comes to love and money, anway. So maybe this week won’t be so bad.

But don’t just listen to me — see what Maria has to say about all the major Astrology events this week. Then put your low-beams on and proceed with caution.

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