This is a popular graphic that makes the ruonds on Facebook from time to time, so I thought I’d publish it here for reference. These five verses are among the most common ones that Islamophobes use to justify arguments that Muslims are evil robots running some operating system “Quran 1400”.

The specific verses here are:

2:191 – “kill them where you find them”
9:5 – “slay the pagans”
8:60 – “strike terror”
47:4 – “smite necks”
9:29 – “pay jizya”

misquote quran

It’s also worth noting that the Qur’an is hardly alone in having stark imagery that is easily misrepresented. This video was also making the rounds on social media – reading Bible verses to people, but telling them it’s actually the Qur’an:

Anyone with passing familiarity with the Bible can probably construct a graphic similar to above that explains these “problematic” verses, too.

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