Donald Trump says America needs a savior, but it’s Jesus, not him.

Former President Trump was in Dallas, Texas, where he delivered a speech warning Americans of the nation’s troubles at the First Baptist Church, including his disappointment for how Troops were removed from Afghanistan.

“We’re in trouble. I think our nation’s in great trouble. I don’t think we’ve ever had a time like this with what happened in Afghanistan, the way that was done so badly.” Trump said during his address.

The former president continued with his speech touching on controversial topics like the border crisis and aggressive policies and then ending with a more positive message about the true meaning behind the Christmas story and praising Jesus.

“Our country needs a savior right now, and our country has a Savior, and that’s not me – that’s somebody much higher up than me, much higher up. The life and death and resurrection of Jesus Christ forever changed the world.” Trump said.

Trump said that Jesus is tied to all of America’s history and that it was impossible to think about our nation’s history without thinking of “the influence of His example, and of His teachings.” Trump said that the United States was a nation of believers and that religion was an important part of the country’s heritage.

“Our miraculous founding, overcoming Civil War, abolishing slavery, defeating communism and fascism, reaching boundless heights of science and discovery. The United States ultimately becoming a truly great nation, and we’re going to keep it that way. We’re going to keep it that way. We’re not going to let it go.” the former president said.

His comments continued saying that America would have accomplished nothing if not for “Jesus Christ, His followers and His Church.”

The address at First Baptist Church was only about 10 minutes long and was followed by a sermon from Pastor Robert Jeffress. Pastor Jeffress endorsed Trump in 2016 and has since advocated for the former presidents’ administration.

Trump also hinted at a potential 2024 presidential run during his address with said “We will come back bigger and better and stronger than ever before. I’m telling you that. We won’t let this happen. We won’t let it happen.”

During his discussion on Christianity’s influence on America, he quoted Scripture.

“An angel of the Lord appeared to humble shepherds and proclaimed the reason for our Christmas joy. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ, the Lord.” He said.

Trump mostly read from a prepared speech but said he needed to “speak from the heart” about the trouble in America. When it came to the current crime state, he mentioned that America needed to give police their “authority back and their dignity.”

He ended on a political note with the following statement, which drew a standing ovation afterward.

“We have an incredible country. It will be more incredible in years to come. We will do what has to be done to make America great again. We are going to make America great again. We are never going to forget that message. … It’s America first – and make America great again, and we will do it.”

The former president concluded his address wishing the church a “Merry Christmas” and said the holiday season is his “favorite time of the year.”

Watch the full address below.

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