The members of a Mississippi Church watched in awe as two-year-old Saniya Judon stepped up to the microphone to lead worship service. The toddler boldly stood before them to sing “I Came to Tell and Call Jesus” in the presence of God. The rest of the congregation proceeded to join her in song shortly after. Saniya’s parents must be so proud of how they raised her in strong faith and love. Her precious display of courage and leadership in that she expressed her love for Jesus in worship is extraordinary, especially for someone her age.

In the Bible, God expresses many times that we are all His children regardless of age. No one is too young or too old to be used for God’s glory. Another famous moment of bravery was a young David defeating the blaspheming giant Goliath. God helped the brave 17-year-old when no one else had the courage to face the giant. People were shocked at David’s bravery but more surprised by his age.

David’s triumphant win was for God’s greater glory. Saniya’s angelic singing was for God’s greater glory too. She won over the hearts of many by standing up to do something that most would not expect from a small child.

Saniya’s passion for worshiping Jesus and music was evident as she cutely danced with the music and clapped her hands. The video was posted on YouTube and has become a viral sensation, reaching more than two million views and thousands of comments.

One inspired viewer wrote, “This blessed me so much today at work! Tears started to flow, and I couldn’t stop them. Thank God for Jesus Christ, this little girl and her family!”

It’s amazing that so many hearts were moved by this moment recorded on video. Watching God’s children praise Jesus is such a wonderful sight to see.

In these unprecedented times when attendance in Churches is fluctuating, it is vital to witness all the good that is still happening. This heartfelt moment portrays a special message reminding everyone that inspiration comes from all ages and when you least expect it.

“A little child will lead them” Isaiah 11:6

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