A music group consisting of two sets of brothers (Josh and Caleb Koble and Ben and Nate Duncan) gave a moving performance in front of their congregation to remind everyone of the everlasting love and mercy of Jesus Christ who gave His life for us. The inspirational group refers to themselves as “The Redeemed Quartet” because Jesus gave the ultimate sacrifice that redeemed all of us from sin.

The four friends started their group after a trip to see their favorite gospel music group in North Carolina. Many people there assumed the brothers were also a music group and after noticing there was a gap in their generation for old gospel songs, they decided to give the quartet a try.

The group of brothers turned friends sang their rendition of “I Believe” at their church. The song’s lyrics of hope are much needed comfort during a time of such devastation and uncertainty.

“When I see the sunrise in the morning

When I feel the wind blow across my face

When I hear the sound of children playing

I know it’s all a part of God’s amazing grace”

The brother’s passion for worshiping the Lord and love for each other was clear as they sang in angelic harmony. The video was posted on YouTube and has become a viral phenomenon, reaching over 78,000 views and thousands of comments.

“Once again you guys have blessed my heart, with your ministry. Thank you for your service to our Lord and Savior!! Praying for you and your families!” one viewer commented.

People from all over the world were commenting to praise Jesus and proclaim how much the video touched their hearts. It’s wonderful that so many people were touched by this sentimental moment. Seeing a family come together to praise Jesus is truly a gift from above.

In these unprecedented times when attendance in Churches is fluctuating, it is imperative to witness all the good things that are still occurring. This heartfelt moment portrays a special message reminding everyone that inspiration comes from all backgrounds, places, and families.

“Let brotherly love continue” Hebrews 13:1

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