Mississippi will begin issuing license plates featuring the phrase, “In God We Trust,” starting this month.

The redesigned plates also feature the state’s seal emblazoned with the words: “The Great Seal of the State of Mississippi.” This will replacing a design which used to feature blues singer B.B. King.

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant signed the legislation allowing the design on state license plates in May 2018.

The standard Mississippi license plate is redesigned every few years, partly as a way of catching people who fail to pay the annual renewal fees. Drivers receive the new plate when their old one expires and they pay the fees.

Bryant previously signed a bill in 2014 called the “Mississippi Religious Freedom Restoration Act,” which initially added the words, “In God We Trust” to the state’s seal and ensured the state did not pass laws that would “interfere” with the practice of one’s religion.

The president and CEO of the Mississippi Center for Public Policy, Jon Pritchett, told Fox News that Americans have been “misinformed and misled by generations of public policy, education, and media leaders on the so-called ‘separation of church and state.’”

“The concept has been so pervasive that we generally accept the idea that it is inappropriate to bring any faith-based ideas to the public square…The idea that we should separate religion – of any faith or denomination – from politics is not only false, it is virtually impossible,” said Pritchett.

The motto, which is emblazoned on U.S. coins, has been litigated many times and repeatedly found to be constitutional. Other states where drivers can get “In God We Trust” as specialty plates, with an additional fee, include Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin.

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