The return of Christ has been on the minds of many Christians recently. With climate change, fighting between nations, and changes in our political sphere many believe these events fill the prophecies within the Book of Revelation.

Televangelist Frank Amedia is one of those believers. In a recent video, he stated that Donald Trump‘s Space Force was part of a plan to help with Jesus Second Coming.

Amedia predicted early on that the Trump administration would develop some task force for space. He now believes it has a bigger significance.

“I’m not going to get more into that now. Read Revelation. You read into it and see what you think. The Space Force and command was prophesied of God; somehow it centered into the spirit of this president and vice president, and the vice president himself is heading this up, and they’ve done a lot, they’ve made up a lot of ground in a year and a half. We need to see a lot more. We need to be a dominant space force in all the earth, and that will cause peace,” Amedia said.

Furthermore, Amedia stated the Trump’s presidency as a whole, and his conflict with European Leaders, are all a part of God’s larger plan. Amedia believes Trump was sent to help “halt globalization.”

Amedia is a former Trump campaign adviser and founder of the Trump-supporting POTUS Shield network of “apostles” and “prophets”. You can watch his full discussion on the topic below.

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